Ungvarskiy Hotel

Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath


Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath is allocated at the area of the complex, and it is 6 meters under the ground. This creates the unique atmosphere and charms you. Due to the mass and especially calculated form of the bath tube, the heat is accumulated during water warming and evenly delivered inside of the body, and this enhances the total positive effect of taking the bath in the mineral water.

There is a vat with cold mineral water just near the bath tube; it is used for contrast procedures and to receive unbelievable sensations. The aromatherapy takes place during the bath, and after the end of balneology procedure you will be served with Transcarpathian herbal tea, honey, and our original walnut liquor.

The unique procedure – Ungvarskiy Kupil – will significantly improve your health, and what is the most important – give you the possibility to have real rest from daily tasks, create wonderful mood and unforgettable memories about hotel “Ungvarskiy” for a long time.


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