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Baths of ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” (Carpathian and Russian baths) are traditional Slavic steam-rooms (banyas), made by experienced Transcarpathian masters. Applying the unique “laying on the clay” technology, two heating stoves from stones were produced for baths complex “Ungvarskiy”, and such stoves are the main difference of our steam-rooms from “lodges” with Finnish metal stoves, that some people mistakenly call banya. The basin and pump-room with mineral water in Carpathian bath, salt-room in Russian bath will impress every connoisseur of bath treatments.

Russian bath

Our ancestors, Slavs, paid much attention to hygiene of the body. It’s not surprising that banya firstly was introduced by Russians. It also became very popular in Transcarpathia along with other types of baths, and some of them are unique (Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath).

In addition, there is a salt-room in Russian bath, and there is a possibility to unite bath procedures into integrated renovation and rehabilitation programs of health center “Ungvarskiy”.

Russian bath includes steam-zone, salt-room, and recreation zone, barrels with cold water, change-room and shower-room. The steam-zone is for the company up to 15 people. Our Russian bath is an ideal place for celebration of birthdays, corporate and other holidays for up to 30 persons.

Carpathian bath

Traditions of Hutsuls and Rusyns, alongside with plenty of forests and rivers, healing herbs and mineral water made it possible to create the original and inimitable Carpathian bath at the basis of all these resources. The optimum ration of temperature and moisture levels in the bath, Carpathian herbal teas and honey, oak switches and sweets ensure pleasant and rewarding leisure for our guests.

Carpathian bath includes recreation zone, steam-zone, and basin with mineral water, change-room and shower-room. The bath is for the company up to 5 guests (6 persons at maximum).

Ungvarskiy Kupil

Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath is the exclusive service of ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy”, and it touches each our guest who had the possibility to test himself this Transcarpathian ancient treatment tool. Taking the bath in the bath tube (kupil) is the regional variant of bath culture that helps our people to gain strength, maintain health and just have rest.

Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath is allocated at the area of the complex, and it is 6 meters under the ground. This creates the unique atmosphere and charms you. Due to the mass and especially calculated form of the bath tube, the heat is accumulated during water warming and evenly delivered inside of the body, and this enhances the total positive effect of taking the bath in the mineral water.

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