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SPA - is a wellness center


Health and Rehabilitation Center of resort complex “Ungvarskiy”, first applied “ethno – wellness” system in Ukraine

What is that “ethno-wellness”?

It is a traditional, folk healing system, which enables people to emotional and physical balance. The nations of Transcarpathia, living in their ethnic territory, using local natural resources and traditions of ancestors, not only cared about their culture, but also took care of their health. Every ethnic group has created a unique type of healing, which is based on right nutrition, hardening, physical activity and emotional comfort, the relevant traditions of our region.

What makes ethnic and wellness spa complex “Ungvarskiy” in Transcarpathia different from other resorts?

Ideological approach to the concept of quality of life, health, disease prevention and treatment.
Spa complex “Ungvarskiy” is not a sanatorium, but a kind of ” Health School “.

We draw our guests to our roots, to a deeper understanding of human physiology, the study of fundamental processes of the body that will allow EACH of treat our lives with more responsibility

What resources are used in the health center of the resort complex?

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