Ungvarskiy Hotel

Restaurant “Ungvarskiy”


Restaurant “Ungvarskiy” is the first and most famous ethno-restaurant of Uzhhorod city. Most of the unique dishes in our restaurant are prepared according to the ancient recipes of ethnic Transcarpathian kitchen (that includes Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and Czech culinary traditions). Three elegant halls (main one is for 120 places, Vatra terrace can be simultaneously used by up to 50 guests, banquette hall is up to 30 persons), as well as the work of the team of Restaurant “Ungvarskiy” will ensure the home-like warmth, comfort and cosiness.

In addition our guests can have the degustation of the Transcarpathian collection wines, honeys, cheeses and liquors in the Tasting cellar.

The main hall

90 seats in a classic location

(100 for banquets, weddings).
A spacious, elegant stylish room with natural traditional materials such as wood, metal (forging) and brick for interior decoration.


50 seats in a classic location

50 (for banquets).
Light interior with ethnic coloring and visualization of cooking meat and other dishes on an open fire. Open in summer and glazed in winter.

Ресторан в готелі “УнгварЪскій”

VIP room

24 places in the classic layout

(30 for banquets)
Cozy private room, great for private events with a small number of guests. Interesting interior, old photos, holiday setting.

Tasting room

15 seats in a classic location

20 (for banquets).
The interior of the tasting room is made in classic style. The hall is underground, making it particularly cozy in the cold and pleasantly cool in summer.

Service coplex

Conference service
Banquet - buffet services
Wellness and rehabilitation programs
Sports team meeting
Transcarpathian tastings

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