Unhvarskiy Hotel: history 3D-tour

Representatives of middle class - merchants, artists, musicians, public servants, writers, students, loved the family atmosphere of hotel "Ungvarskiy". The winery was visited by celebrities from Hungary, Czech nobilities, as well as by Austrian and Italian engineers, who built the first Uzhhorod electricity station in 1902, stadium "Spartak" and swimming pool.
During the Soviet period hotel "Ungvarskiy" was nationalized and closed up as the location of “bourgeois heritage”, and later on reconstructed into a textile-fancy factory producing pioneer ties “Druzhba”. Uzhhorod tradition of drinking delicious coffee was left behind.
Today, we, as many years ago, are waiting for you in hotel "Ungvarskiy" with the best traditions of Uzhhorod, city in the heart of Europe.
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