Unhvarskiy Hotel: history 3D-tour

In 1874 a local couple Johan and Ilona Artogi started the works, and "Unhvarskiy Hotel" was opened already in two years, and later on it became a famous balneology spa.
According to the project of the royal engineer Bertalan Lemer a mineral bathhouse (kupil) was built here. Ferents Egri, a representative of a famous family of casters to the request of the owner made a bath tub for treatment procedures. This basin has been saved up to nowadays. Almost at once mineral basins of hotel "Unhvarskiy" turned into the favourite place of guests and citizens of Uzhhorod. It became extremely popular by the end of 19 century, where they not only spent leisure time but took curable carbon dioxide, siliceous, salty baths that treated ailments, female diseases, anaemia, and catarrh.
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