Tasting Hall of the hotel "Ungvarskiy" 3D-tour

Tasting of Transcarpathian cheeses. Carpathian breeds of sheep and cows during the whole vegetation period are at the alpine-meadows and valleys, and thus they provide excellent raw material for production of soft cheeses (khust, brynza and urda) and firm cheese like Nartsyss, Selyskiy. They are prepared in a traditional way in small Carpathian cheese dairies.
Tasting of Carpathian honey. Honey as the remedy is much more effective than plenty of antibiotics. No wonder that there is a memorial to a bee and bee-keepers in Transcarpathia. You can enjoy in our hall not only honey, produced from acacias, chestnuts, but also the meadow, forest, mountainous honey, the honey of wild bees, and as well - other products of bee-keeping (ambrosia, propolis, royal jelly, tea made by dry bees, bee-wax and honey mix).
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